Microsoft and UK Met Office Select AI Start-ups for Environmental Sustainability Program

April 2022 — Ten companies focused on reducing carbon emissions and waste, preserving water and protecting ecosystems have been selected to take part in Microsoft’s AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator program. The program, launched in collaboration with the Met Office and Social Tech Trust, will support the cohort through a four-month program to advance their environmental solution using […]

Turning municipal wastewater into freshwater using recycled CO2

Source Link [Aug 11, 2021: Lehigh University] Turning wate water into fresh drinking water (CREDIT: Creative Commons) Turning cities’ wastewater into usable freshwater is an environmental win. Engineering the system to be more energy efficient makes a good idea even better. Using a greenhouse gas—carbon dioxide—to power the process? It’s an approach that’s potentially transformational, […]

Ground and aerial robots heading to construction site

Source Link For anyone who doubts automation is coming to the construction site, another piece of evidence: a leading enterprise drone data company has just acquired a robotics software company in a bid to help customers orchestrate aerial and ground robots in industries like energy, agriculture, and construction. The announcement from DroneDeploy, which will acquire New […]

Shipping containers used to build LA housing complex for the homeless

Source Link American firms NAC Architecture and Bernards have used shipping containers to form private apartments in a Los Angeles facility for people experiencing homelessness. The Hilda L Solis Care First Village – formerly known as the Vignes Street Interim Housing Project – is located on a 4.2-acre (1.7-hectare) site in Downtown Los Angeles. The […]

MIMs Plus Technical Specifications final version 4 released

Open and Agile Smart Cities Following consultation and feedback from the Living-in.EU Tech Sub Group, the MIMs Plus Technical Specifications final version 4 was released today on the Living-in.EU website Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), representing more than 150 sub-national governments, leads the development of the MIMs Plus, through the Living-in.EU Tech Sub Group. MIMs […]

ARCspace’s prefab homes are a quick and sustainable housing solution

Source Link The construction industry is responsible for considerable pollution and waste. Builders are leaning into innovative designs and material development to curb the environmental impact through sustainable architecture. ARCspace, a modular building developer, is one such business offering a solution for wasteful traditional construction, while introducing a host of other benefits. ARCspace is a […]

The power of digital technologies to enable the circular economy

Circular Economy on Medium Steel is not infinitely recycled. For instance, much of the high-grade steels recovered from vehicles are down-cycled into a lower-price material and mostly reused in lower-grade applications, such as buildings and infrastructures. Indeed, not aware of the quality of the steel they collect, recyclers mix different steel grades, producing a lower-quality […]

Digital twins offer “a very powerful way of developing our cities” say experts

Source Link Digital twins are starting to transform the way that cities are designed and managed, according to experts. The technology, which involves creating a digital clone of a real-world object or system, is revolutionising the fields of healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. It is now having a profound impact on architecture and urbanism too. “I […]

The New European Bauhaus and the circular economy

Circular Economy on Medium Ellen MacArthur Foundation An opportunity to demonstrate the potential of circular design By Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation From the very beginning, the circular economy has been a design-led agenda, which encourages upstream solutions that build to systemic change. The New European Bauhaus initiative, taking inspiration from […]

How circular design guidelines unlock organizations’ potential for change

Circular Economy on Medium Ellen MacArthur Foundation May 27 · 7 min read Large companies are leveraging circular design to transform their businesses. This is how IKEA and DS Smith are doing it. By Alice Bodreau, Strategic Partners manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash Over the past decade, design has been […]