ARCspace’s prefab homes are a quick and sustainable housing solution

Source Link The construction industry is responsible for considerable pollution and waste. Builders are leaning into innovative designs and material development to curb the environmental impact through sustainable architecture. ARCspace, a modular building developer, is one such business offering a solution for wasteful traditional construction, while introducing a host of other benefits. ARCspace is a […]

The power of digital technologies to enable the circular economy

Circular Economy on Medium Steel is not infinitely recycled. For instance, much of the high-grade steels recovered from vehicles are down-cycled into a lower-price material and mostly reused in lower-grade applications, such as buildings and infrastructures. Indeed, not aware of the quality of the steel they collect, recyclers mix different steel grades, producing a lower-quality […]

Digital twins offer “a very powerful way of developing our cities” say experts

Source Link Digital twins are starting to transform the way that cities are designed and managed, according to experts. The technology, which involves creating a digital clone of a real-world object or system, is revolutionising the fields of healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. It is now having a profound impact on architecture and urbanism too. “I […]