Scientists Design a Thermochromic Window That Turns Sunlight Into Electricity

Source Link Lance Wheeler, Nathan Neale, Robert Tenent, Jeffrey Blackburn, Elisa Miller, and David Moore demonstrating thermochromatic window research (Photo: Dennis Schroeder/NREL) You may not have heard of the word thermochromic before, but you have probably seen it in action. Materials that are thermochromic have a reaction to change in temperature. It’s how transition lenses […]

The circular economy could forever change how cars are made – here’s how

Source Link The auto industry has driven technological and manufacturing revolutions. With the shift to electric vehicles and the circular economy, automakers are poised to once again create a template for the global economy. While the growth in electric cars is happening faster than we thought, truly meeting climate goals will take riding the momentum […]

Building more housing lowers rents for everyone

City Observatory Posted on 14 December 202014 December 2020 by Joe Cortright A new study from Germany shows that added housing supply lowers rents across the board A 1 percent increase in housing is associated with a 0.4 to 0.7 percent decrease in rents Housing policy debates are tortured by the widespread disbelief that supply and demand operate in the […]

The only reason some people drive is because we pay them to

City Observatory Here’s an insight from tolling:  A substantial portion of the people driving on our roadways are only there because we’re subsidizing the cost of their trip. When we charge a toll to use a road, suddenly many of those using it find they don’t value it enough to pay even a fraction of […]