Marines pilot 5G in ‘living lab’ at Miramar

This post was published on by Pinfold Pinfold. By Stephanie Kanowitz, Jul 31, 2020 As the first military base to deploy Verizon’s 5G ultra wideband, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will serve as a living lab for the technology, facilitating collaboration between the Defense Department and vendors. Miramar is starting pilots in four areas: […]

US Cuts Car Pollution, But Less So In Poor Communities

Streets Blog Jonathan Colmer Jay Shimshack Air pollution contributes to as many as 9 million premature deaths worldwide each year – twice as many as war, other violence, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Fine particulate matter air pollution is especially dangerous: Microscopic particles readily enter the lungs, bloodstream and brain, with health effects that include […]

New project to deliver over 200,000 EV chargers

Air Quality News A new project launched by Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Ricardo Energy will trial new technology to help get over 3 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2023.  The new DC Share project will be trialled in Taunton, Somerset, with an aim to deliver over 217,000 EV chargers in urban spaces […]

Figuring Out School Bus Routes Has Never Been More Complicated. Districts Are Turning to Technology for Help. A standard school bus usually shuttles around 70 children between their homes and school building each morning—or at least that was the standard before the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing requirements will make carrying that many students impossible this year in places like Arlington, Virginia, where school officials figure that keeping kids six feet apart […]

Talking Headways Podcast: Valuing Black Lives and Property

Streets Blog This week, we’re joined by Andre Perry, Metropolitan Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution, to talk about his new book Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities. Perry talks with us about growing up in suburban Wilkinsberg, Penn., and how he crunched the numbers of Black property devaluation […]

Protected Bike Lanes that Any City Can Afford

Streets Blog Road users who are tired of contending with car traffic on their ride could soon get some relief — thanks to an ultra-affordable mobility lane made out of recycled car tires. The WeClaim lane delineator won first place in the Build a Better Barrier competition, which was hosted by micromobility company Spin in […]

A world of fewer cars and less driving

City Observatory Auto industry consultants KPMG see fewer cars and less driving in our future That may be bad for the car business, but good for the environment and cities One clear implication: hold off building new road capacity There’s little question that the pandemic has altered the way we live in the present, the […]

How innovation neighbourhoods can kickstart the move to smart cities

Institution of Engineering and Technology Incremental changes to local infrastructure are paving the way for the large-scale overhaul needed to create the urban environments of the future. The coronavirus outbreak has accelerated conversations about the importance of robust digital infrastructure, with mayors and local authorities in urban areas around the industrialised world seeing smart cities […]

Humanizing the Data: Why Governments Should Use Person-to-Person COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Harvard data-smart city As the novel coronavirus continues to rage throughout the United States, many public health departments are facing an overwhelming number of individuals to trace and care for. With the help of person-to-person contact tracing organizations like Partners in Health (PIH) and CONTRACE Public Health Corps, infected persons are able to have human […]

Urban Planning As a Tool for White Supremacy, In Minneapolis and Beyond

Streets Blog Julian Ageyman. Source: Tufts University. The legacy of structural racism in Minneapolis was laid bare to the world at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street, the location where George Floyd’s neck was pinned to the ground by a police officer’s knee. But it is also imprinted in streets, parks and […]