Covid-19: Surging in Sunbelt cities

This post was originally published on here By Joe Cortright  – Originally published here. The pandemic is exploding in Sunbelt Cities, from the Carolinas to California Covid-19 is subdued in the North and surging in the South Hotter southern temperatures and a move indoors, coupled with looser reopening regulations, may explain the Southern surge In June, […]

More than Just Information: How Little Rock is Building a Home with Data

Melissa Bridges, Performance and Innovation Coordinator for the city of Little Rock Melissa Bridges, Performance and Innovation Coordinator for the city of Little Rock, is in the process of building a house — a data house. The foundation is the Little Rock Data Hub, the walls are the Citizen Connect site, and the furniture is the […]

Smart Green Cities – Towards a Carbon Neutrality

By Smart City Insider Smart Cities Insider met with Woodrow Clark II, the co-author of newly published book “Smart Green Cities – Towards a Carbon Neutral World”. We discussed some of the topics covered in his new book. Woodrow Clark is an internationally recognized and respected expert, author, public speaker and consultant on global and local solutions to climate change. His core advocacy […]

New battery electrolyte may boost the performance of electric vehicles

JUN 22, 2020 By Mark Shwartz, Stanford University A new lithium-based electrolyte invented by Stanford University scientists could pave the way for the next generation of battery-powered electric vehicles. In a study published June 22 in Nature Energy, Stanford researchers demonstrate how their novel electrolyte design boosts the performance of lithium metal batteries, a promising technology […]

Tim Berners-Lee: Rethinking Digital Access

Inventor of the world wide web, Berners-Lee argues for a more equal internet.

Techlandia Summit Economic Resiliency

[embedded content] The Techlandia Summit panel and breakout explore how public private partnerships could help us recover from societal shocks like COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd. Discussions about how investments could address issues of value capture, equity and sustainability are raised and suggested paths forward given. Panelists Wilfred Pinfold, President, Open Commons, @wpinfold […]

Four Ways to Use Behavioral Insights During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organization recently published a COVID-19 behavioral insights tool to help governments measure “public knowledge, risk perceptions, behaviours and trust” during the current pandemic. While researchers are working round-the-clock to find a vaccine, the current best methods for combating the novel coronavirus are behavioral, like hand washing, mask wearing, and physical distancing. However […]

Amazon launches a $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund

The Climate Pledge Fund will invest in companies creating products, services, and technologies to protect the planet. By Day One Staffon June 23, 2020 The Climate Pledge Fund, started with $2 billion in funding from Amazon, will support the development of sustainable technologies and services that will enable Amazon and other companies to meet The […]

Making a city circular

By Ellen MacArthur Foundation June 18, 2020 Photo by Alicja Gancarz on Unsplash By Josefine Hintz, Economy and Procurement team, ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life in cities around the world and has disrupted the systems that support them. But as restrictions in cities are eased and supply chains start up again, […]

City Beat: When workers can live anywhere

By Joe Cortright, City Observatory Another anecdote-fueled tale predicting of urban decline Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Rachel Feintzeig and Ben Eisen add another story, this one headlined “When workers can live anywhere” to the growing pile of claims that fear of Covid-19 and the possibility for remote work are likely to lead to […]