Scientists Design a Thermochromic Window That Turns Sunlight Into Electricity

Source Link Lance Wheeler, Nathan Neale, Robert Tenent, Jeffrey Blackburn, Elisa Miller, and David Moore demonstrating thermochromatic window research (Photo: Dennis Schroeder/NREL) You may not have heard of the word thermochromic before, but you have probably seen it in action. Materials that are thermochromic have a reaction to change in temperature. It’s how transition lenses […]

The circular economy could forever change how cars are made – here’s how

Source Link The auto industry has driven technological and manufacturing revolutions. With the shift to electric vehicles and the circular economy, automakers are poised to once again create a template for the global economy. While the growth in electric cars is happening faster than we thought, truly meeting climate goals will take riding the momentum […]

Building more housing lowers rents for everyone

City Observatory Posted on 14 December 202014 December 2020 by Joe Cortright A new study from Germany shows that added housing supply lowers rents across the board A 1 percent increase in housing is associated with a 0.4 to 0.7 percent decrease in rents Housing policy debates are tortured by the widespread disbelief that supply and demand operate in the […]

The only reason some people drive is because we pay them to

City Observatory Here’s an insight from tolling:  A substantial portion of the people driving on our roadways are only there because we’re subsidizing the cost of their trip. When we charge a toll to use a road, suddenly many of those using it find they don’t value it enough to pay even a fraction of […]

This “liquid window” harnesses light and heat to save energy in buildings

Source Link Researchers at NTU have created a ‘liquid glass’ that can help reduce the energy consumption of buildings by up to 45%. The window uses a hydrogel-based liquid between glass panels and has taken 10 years to develop. The glass can help keep buildings cool by blocking out the sun and absorb heat to […]

OPG details fleet charging expansion plans

Electric Autonomy Ontario’s largest energy provider is turning its attention to supporting personal and public fleet electrification Ontario Power Generation is widely known as the electricity supplier to at least half the province. But the corporation’s budding strategy to establish itself as a major charging infrastructure provider for electric vehicles — first for consumers, and […]

Australia Picks Massive Tesla-Supplied Battery to Ease Transmission Constraint

Green Tech Media Australia has lots of renewable power, but limited high-voltage power lines to move it around the country. Now it’s tapping a massive battery to help. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) last week awarded a competitive contract to developer Neoen to build the project dubbed the “Victorian Big Battery” along the transmission […]

A New Era of Innovation and Trust in Data

By Tim Berners-Lee, CTO Today marks a huge milestone in Inrupt’s journey to deliver on my vision for a vibrant web of shared benefit and opportunity. I’m thrilled that the first enterprise-ready version of a Solid Server, Inrupt’s ESS, is now available for businesses and organizations. It’s the fruit of two years of work by our […]

South Korea: National Pilot Cities Join the OASC Network

Open and Agile Smart Cities Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) welcomes a new chapter to the network: The South Korean cities of Sejong and Busan joined the global network of smart cities & communities. Both Sejong and Busan are pioneers in establishing effective and efficient solutions for the last two decades, in synch with […]

Is Your Data Equitable?

Harvard data-smart city “If equity isn’t intentional from the beginning, we’re not going to end up with equitable outcomes. It won’t happen by accident,” said Alena Stern, senior data scientist at the Urban Institute. “We need to be really intentional about making equity part of the process.” For many cities, this means using data: creating […]